I’m almost done with repainting this Sentry figure.  I have to paint the inside of the cape, his face, and another coat on his hair.

Warlock meets Danger and creepy machine love ensues.

Wolverine: Days of Futures Past Trailer - Guest Starring The X-men



I can’t make any jokes about certain issues. Genocide, racism, and rape are all touchy subjects and I’m no Danial Tosh. For me, the X-men movies are right up there. I’ve already made my sentiment clear in plenty of previous posts. I fucking hate every fucking X-men movie that Fox has shat out of…

Wow, just wow.  I mean come on, you can’t be serious here.  Oh wait you are and you can’t explain your opinions without an extreme amount of swearing.  I’d be able to take this post a little more seriously, if it didn’t reek of hyper fanboyism who is upset that his favorite characters aren’t getting enough screen time.